Sun-Cal was established in October, 1988 by Owner/President Clint Welliver. Mr. Welliver brings over 40 years of experience in the cutting tool industry to his new business. His reputation in the aircraft cutting tool industry was established as a result of supervisorial positions he has held in various corporations. He utilized his knowledge and experience to enhance the productivity of those cutting tool manufacturers.

In January 1993, Sun-Cal decided to set up an office in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, with the intention of moving the entire plant from Orange, CA to Crowley, TX. In August 1994, we leased a 5,000 sq. foot building, where we resided for 2-1/2 years before buying a 7,500 square foot building across the street.

In July 1998 Sun-Cal purchased a 24,000 sq. foot airplane hanger and added 6,000 sq. foot space, in Joshua, TX. For the next year, Sun-Cal worked on the new site while still operating from the old facility. In August 1999, we moved into our new 30,000 sq. foot, multi-million dollar complex. The new manufacturing facility is surrounded by 272 acres of farmland and boasts its own runway.

Sun-Cal is committed to offering our customers quick and efficient service. We offer both SAME DAY and 24 HOUR AOG SERVICE on Piloted Reamers, Piloted Core Drills, Step Drills and Piloted Double Margin Drills, to meet your needs. We also offer counter-to-counter service in some areas. WE are intent on meeting your needs.

Sun-Cal Mfg. & Supply Co. looks forward to including you as one of our valuable customers.

Call For All Product Pricing - $50.00 MINIMUM ORDER

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